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We are all against austerity

The recent march “against austerity” in London seemed to suggest the world was divided between those who like austerity and those who don’t. Let’s be clear; I hate austerity. In fact I don’t know anyone who “likes” it. How could you? No one goes into public life to reduce spending on things that matter to people. Making thousands of decent hardworking civil servants redundant was traumatic for each of them and grim work for those of us making those decisions. According to politicians like Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru, the solution to our problems is apparently simple. First, “end austerity” and then start spending. It’s as if austerity is an end in itself...

Westminster Diary - 22nd June 2015

I was pipped at the post in my attempt to win the election to Chair Parliament's Defence Select Committee. Despite the inevitable disappointment I felt when the result was announced to a packed House, I have to say it was an enjoyable process. I got around all parts of the House of Commons discussing defence matters with Labour, SNP, Liberal Democrats, Northern Irish and Conservative MPs. I also met well informed people across the whole spectrum of defence matters including historians and spooks as well as many serving and retired Officers...

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Richard Benyon was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Newbury on 7 May, with an increased majority of 26,368. Richard won 61 per cent of the vote share.

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General Election 2015

Thank you to all the excellent volunteers. Without all your efforts, the outstanding results of 7 May would not have been possible. Thank you too, to all those who took the time to vote for me and for my party. If you have been inspired by recent political events and would like to join the Conservative Party, or indeed just find out more, please visit West Berkshire Conservative Association’s website, or alternatively e-mail





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