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Reverend Giles Fraser

Dear Reverend Giles Fraser,
You wrote an article in the Guardian online which has prompted some criticism in recent days. You and I have had a twitter spat about it which didn’t really add to the sum total of human happiness so I thought I would write in more than 140 characters why I thought your piece was wrong. ...

The morning after the night before

I am writing this after two hours sleep, I'm back at the Racecourse for the West Berkshire Council count. Party activists are standing in groups in various degrees of euphoria or devastation, but all with minds numbed by fatigue.

I can't really believe our result in the Newbury constituency. I was selected to fight the seat in the 1990s when there was a Liberal Democrat majority of over 22,000. Last night we secured a Conservative majority of over 26,000 and a total vote that is one of the highest in the country. I was looking over my Agent's shoulder as he jotted down the numbers and I berated him for getting his maths wrong. I thought he had wrongly put a 2 in front of the other numbers. He let me gently know that I was magnificently in the wrong. A staggering result. ...

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Richard Benyon was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Newbury on 7 May, with an increased majority of 26,368. Richard won 61 per cent of the vote share.

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General Election 2015

Thank you to all the excellent volunteers. Without all your efforts, the outstanding results of 7 May would not have been possible. Thank you too, to all those who took the time to vote for me and for my party. If you have been inspired by recent political events and would like to join the Conservative Party, or indeed just find out more, please visit West Berkshire Conservative Association’s website, or alternatively e-mail





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