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The will of the people

The people have spoken: Britain will leave the EU. I am of course deeply disappointed that, while my side may have won in West Berkshire, we failed in the country at large. We will have to see whether the fears of those of us who wanted to remain were overstated or if the promises of the leave campaign can be fulfilled. Along with people who have opposed me in politics in West Berkshire for years, I fought hard to keep us in the EU...

Decision day

We have a big decision to make, a decision that will shape not just our future but our children’s futures. Should we remain in the EU or should we leave?

There are arguments on both sides - the EU does lots of good things but there’s lots wrong with it too. If the answer was obvious, the polls wouldn’t be so close. I’m grateful to the thousands of constituents who have attended the public meetings I held around the constituency, spoken to me when I have been out campaigning or emailed me to let me know their views.

Having listened to all the arguments, I believe that we should remain in the EU for four main reasons. ...

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Richard Benyon

Incredible to think what was happening exactly 100 years ago this moment. Men sick with fear as whistles blew and slaughter began

by Richard Benyon

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Richard Benyon was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Newbury on 7 May, with an increased majority of 26,368. Richard won 61 per cent of the vote share.


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General Election 2015

Thank you to all the excellent volunteers. Without all your efforts, the outstanding results of 7 May would not have been possible. Thank you too, to all those who took the time to vote for me and for my party. If you have been inspired by recent political events and would like to join the Conservative Party, or indeed just find out more, please visit West Berkshire Conservative Association’s website, or alternatively e-mail





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