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English Votes for English Laws

Ever since devolution for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were first mooted there has been a problem for England. It is known as the West Lothian Question. MPs from Scotland have no power over issues like Education or Planning in their own constituencies because such matters are dealt with in the Edinburgh Parliament by MSPs...

Je suis ... quoi?

Following the 7/7 attacks in London the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, made a speech when he said that the attacks changed everything. Following these outrages, he said, nothing would ever be the same. I remember thinking at the time, "Really? Doesn't that mean that the bad guys have won?” Surely at these times we desperately need to keep doing the same. We need to keep being a tolerant, decent and open democracy...

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In addition to his campaigns on Trains, Broadband, Job's and Skills and Flooding, Richard is actively involved in supporting his constituents with personal issues and is always willing to listen to their opinions on matters that concern them.




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