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This website is designed to be accessible to all users. It has been extensively tested with a variety of browsers and tools. If you find a problem, please contact the web design company and we will fix it immediately.

Of course, we can’t ensure that every edit and new article is processed perfectly, so a few things will slip through, but for the most part, the following statements should apply to every page.

General Information

  • This site is generally WAI AAA valid. Because many of the guidelines fall into gray areas, our aim is always to ensure compliance with the intent of each standard.
  • All pages on the site validate as XHTML 1.0 Strict.
  • The site responds well to increasing the text size in your browser.
  • Links should all have titles automatically generated by the CMS system.
  • All images used in this site include descriptive ALT attributes.
  • This site uses style sheets for visual layout – but is perfectly readable with alternative sheets or none at all.
  • If javascript is used, it it non-intrusive, and is not necessary for any feature.

Navigation and Access keys

All pages have skip navigation links for screen readers and users with alternative stylesheets.

Navigation using the TAB key reveals the skip link, the link to this page, and then proceeds through the page.

We’ve manipulated the tabindex to try to improve usability; however, if you encounter a problem related to this, please contact us.