I campaigned to remain in the EU but I am a democrat and recognise the decision taken by the country in a referendum approved by an Act of Parliament. I accepted that it was the Government’s right to decide when to trigger Article 50 and this was duly done in March 2017. However, Parliament will have a say on the terms of withdrawal and this is where my mandate from the vote in West Berkshire will come in. I am determined to get the best possible outcome for the individuals and businesses that I represent. The country voted to leave the European Union; it didn’t vote on how we should leave.

Brexit votes update

On Tuesday 12th March I voted in support of the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated between the UK Government and EU. I supported the deal as it offers a pragmatic way to honour the result of the referendum and move us to the next phase of negotiations. On Wednesday 13th...

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The votes this week

This week, Parliament has been voting on measures relating to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. On Tuesday 12th March, the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated between the UK Government and EU was defeated in the House of Commons. On Wednesday 13th March Parliament is...

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Good news for EU citizens living in the UK

I know a number of my constituents who are EU citizens have concerns about their future in the UK. That is why I am pleased that the Prime Minister has been clear with EU citizens in the UK that even in the event of no deal, their rights will be protected. The new...

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