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I campaigned to remain in the EU but I am a democrat and recognise the decision taken by the country in a referendum approved by an Act of Parliament. I accepted that it was the Government’s right to decide when to trigger Article 50 and this was duly done in March 2017. However, Parliament will have a say on the terms of withdrawal and this is where my mandate from the vote in West Berkshire will come in. I am determined to get the best possible outcome for the individuals and businesses that I represent. The country voted to leave the European Union; it didn’t vote on how we should leave.

Good news for EU citizens living in the UK

I know a number of my constituents who are EU citizens have concerns about their future in the UK. That is why I am pleased that the Prime Minister has been clear with EU citizens in the UK that even in the event of no deal, their rights will be protected. The new...

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Brexit update

It is a fast moving picture as we near the vote on the Government’s withdrawal agreement and it is a good time to let you know where I stand. I supported the decision to hold a referendum on whether or not Britain should be a member of the EU. Following that...

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I regret the decision of some of my colleagues to trigger a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister at such a crucial moment for the country. In a few days Parliament will vote on the Prime Minister’s deal. At that point we will know whether any significant...

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