I campaigned to remain in the EU but I am a democrat and recognise the decision taken by the country in a referendum approved by an Act of Parliament. I accepted that it was the Government’s right to decide when to trigger Article 50 and this was duly done in March 2017. However, Parliament will have a say on the terms of withdrawal and this is where my mandate from the vote in West Berkshire will come in. I am determined to get the best possible outcome for the individuals and businesses that I represent. The country voted to leave the European Union; it didn’t vote on how we should leave.

Upping the Brexit tempo

This week in Parliament we get stuck in to the detail of Brexit. The EU (Withdrawal) Bill is a 66-page piece of legislation which does all the technical stuff needed to transpose laws and regulations that currently reside with the EU into UK law. About a year ago I...

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Quite a week in Westminster

On Monday we finished voting at about half past midnight. On these occasions the old lags deport themselves with a sort of macho chutzpa. “This is what it was like every night when I was new here,” they say. We were voting on the committee stage of the Bill to trigger...

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Making the best of Brexit

23 January 2017 The question for MPs like me who campaigned hard for Britain to remain in the EU is a simple one. Do I seek to undermine the decision taken in the referendum by being a sort of Parliamentary insurgent opposing Brexit at every stage, or do I engage with...

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Oliver Letwin’s speech

December 2016 In the debate on the Labour motion on the triggering of Article 50 one of the most interesting speeches was made by Sir Oliver Letwin. As one of the great Parliamentary minds of our generation his thoughts are worth listening to. I print the transcript...

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