I campaigned to remain in the EU but I am a democrat and recognise the decision taken by the country in a referendum approved by an Act of Parliament. I accepted that it was the Government’s right to decide when to trigger Article 50 and this was duly done in March 2017. However, Parliament will have a say on the terms of withdrawal and this is where my mandate from the vote in West Berkshire will come in. I am determined to get the best possible outcome for the individuals and businesses that I represent. The country voted to leave the European Union; it didn’t vote on how we should leave.

Why I voted for the Grieve amendment

On Tuesday I voted for the so-called Grieve amendment. This was not out of some desire to thwart attempts to leave the EU or engineer a second referendum by the back door. I was voting to reduce the chances of a no-deal Brexit. I am supporting the Prime Minister’s...

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Richard’s response to the Withdrawal Agreement

November 2018 Dear Constituent Thank you for contacting me about the Withdrawal Agreement between the United Kingdom and European Union. I have been receiving a lot of correspondence from constituents about the agreement expressing different views. Some are demanding...

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Richard’s response to the campaign for a second referendum

October 2018 Dear Constituent Thank you for contacting me about a second referendum. I understand your strength of feeling on this matter but I believe it would be wrong to have another referendum. When a decision of constitutional significance is made, it is...

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It’s always darkest just before the dawn

When I was the Minister for Fisheries at DEFRA, I had the arduous task of renegotiating and reforming the deeply discredited Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). I was met with opposition from forces that wanted to scupper any deal being done. An agreement was finally...

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Richard’s response to the Chequers Agreement

July 2018 Dear Constituent Thank you for contacting me about the agreement reached at Chequers on the UK’s future relationship with the EU. The Prime Minister’s proposals represent a realistic and practical vision that delivers the referendum decision in full. Let me...

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EUROPEAN UNION (Withdrawal) BILL – Richard’s speech on the Lords Amendments

I have received representation on a number of different areas including voting to stay in the EEA, voting to stay in the customs union and single market, voting for a second referendum, and voting for a further vote in Parliament on the deal. Many have also written to me suggesting I would be wrong and disrespectful of the views of the people if I voted to support certain amendments to the Bill.

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