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Benyon Campaigns for Veterans Medal

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Newbury MP, Richard Benyon, has called on the Government to recognise the sacrifice given by so many who fought in Bomber Command in the war. In a letter to Don Touhig MP, the Minister for Veterans at the Ministry of Defence, Richard raised the wish of many surviving veterans for a campaign medal to be issued to recognise the heroism of those who took part in the bombing campaigns in the last war.

Richard said, “Around half of those who took part in the campaign (56,000) died in action and it is shameful that this is the only major branch of Britain’s wartime armed forces not to have received such recognition.” Richard was moved to promote this campaign by a friendship he has struck up with Newbury resident and Bomber Command veteran, Les Weaver

Veterans Medal

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Benyon calls for constituents to make a New Year’s resolution to protect themselves from CO poisoning in 2006

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Richard Benyon, to day called on constituents to protect themselves and their families by making a New Years Resolution to play it safe with gas in 2006.

Richard Benyon said, “I am pleased to help CORGI in its campaign to ensure that people have their gas appliances regularly maintained by a CORGI-registered installer. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is entirely preventable but can be a silent killer in the home. I call on all my constituents to make a pledge to have their gas appliances checked by a CORGI-registered installer in 2006.

CORGI and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents will jointly launch an advertising campaign in January 2006, warning of people of the dangers of CO poisoning in the home.

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Newbury MP welcomes Pemberton Homicide Review

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Newbury Member of Parliament, Richard Benyon, has welcomed the publication of the long-awaited Homicide Review into the murders in 2003 of Julia Pemberton and her son Will.  Julia and Will were residents of Hermitage in West Berkshire and were killed by her estranged husband Alan who after the murders then killed himself.

These murders raised important questions about the police response to Julia’s domestic abuse by her husband and the police response to her 999 call on the day of her murder.

Richard Benyon said:

“I have yet to see the report in full but from the summary I have read, it makes some hard hitting criticisms of the Police. The point is how have things changed since 2003. I have worked closely with the Chief Constable and others in Thames Valley Police to ensure that lessons are learnt on both domestic violence and armed response shortcomings identified in the report.  I am convinced that a number of improvements have been made and that a similar set of circumstances would be dealt with very differently today.

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