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Richard Benyon has today welcomed new figures showing that 1,090 fewer people in the Newbury constituency are claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance compared to 2010 – a 71 per cent drop.

What is more, the Office for National Statistics has this morning published unemployment figures for April 2015. These statistics highlight the total number of Jobseeker’s Allowance claimants in the Newbury constituency was 437 people, a fall of 259 people from this time last year.

Richard said: “The Conservatives are committed to full employment, so everyone who wants to work can have the security of a regular pay packet. Supporting local businesses will ensure more good jobs across our region and will serve to renew our country as a place where ambition and hard work is rewarded”.

He continued: “I am pleased, but not complacent with today’s unemployment figures for Newbury. However, an unemployment rate of 0.8 per cent – 621 highest of the 650 constituencies in the UK – highlights the growth of our local economy and the success of our Conservative policies. I said throughout my campaign for re-election that I wanted everyone to feel the benefits of this recovery, and it is important we continue to support those out of work find a job”.

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Richard Benyon has been successfully re-elected as Newbury’s Member of Parliament, following a six week period of hard campaigning.

Richard was declared the victor in the early hours of this morning with an increased majority of 26,368.

Speaking after the declaration, Richard said: “I am incredibly grateful to all those who voted for me and the Conservative Party. It has been a great honour to represent the people of Newbury over these past ten years and I am now excited to get back to work, representing this wonderful constituency”.

He continued: “I would like to thank my team of volunteers, fellow Conservative candidates and of course, my family. Without their efforts and support, this would simply not have been possible. I would like also like to pay tribute to my fellow candidates for the good natured spirit in which this election has been fought”.



1.       Richard was re-elected with 61 per cent of the vote and a majority of 26,368.

When Richard was selected to fight the Newbury constituency in the 1990s, it had a Liberal Democrat majority of over 22,000.

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New figures released today show that 1,900 businesses in the Newbury constituency have benefited from the Government’s Employment Allowance since its introduction a year ago, making it easier for small businesses to hire staff and create new jobs.

Richard Benyon, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Newbury, said: “The Conservatives are the party of business. These figures highlight the impact that this Conservative-led Coalition has had in providing business with the tools necessary to take on more staff, ensuring more people have financial security.”

He continued: “Our economic plan is working, which is why it is so important that we stick to with the Government’s plan. All this would be put at risk next week if Labour got into power, propped up by the Scottish Nationalists – we would all pay the price with higher taxes and fewer jobs.”


Notes to Editors

·         1.1 million businesses have benefited from the Government’s Employment Allowance, which takes up to £2,000 off employer’s National Insurance bills and supports jobs. The allowance, introduced on 6 April 2014, cuts the jobs tax for every business and charity by up to £2,000. Businesses will be able to hire one extra person on £22,400 pa, or three people working full time on the minimum wage, without paying any National Insurance (HM Treasury, Budget 2013, 20 March 2013, link; HM Treasury press release, 6 March 2014, link; HMRC, Employment Allowance take-up: 2014-15 full year estimates, 30 April 2015, link).

·         Employment is up by 2 million since the election. In the three months to April 2010, there were 29.048 million people in employment. In the three months to February 2015 there were 31.049 million people in work. That’s 2 million more people with the security of bringing home a regular pay packet (ONS, MGRZ,17 April 2015, link).

·         Businesses have created over 2.3 million new jobs. The private sector has created 5 jobs for every 1 lost in the public sector since 2010(ONS, Labour Market Statistics, 17 April 2015, link).

Regional statistics:

·         Estimates for number of employers benefitting from lower Employer NICs already by region (HMRC, Employment Allowance take-up: 2014-15 full year estimates, 30 April 2015, link).


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Richard Benyon, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Newbury, has welcomed the launch of the Conservative’s Small Business Manifesto this lunchtime, which follows 5,000 small firms endorsing the Conservative Party’s plans for the economy.

Today’s announcement includes commitments to keep Employment Allowance until 2020, ensuring 450,000 small businesses will pay no jobs tax as a result. We will also support fast-growing small businesses in accessing the finance they need, with our innovative Help to Grow scheme. We will cut another £10bn of red tape and help the self-employed by commissioning an urgent review into the disadvantages they face in accessing Statutory Maternity Pay, building up a pension and accessing mortgages.

Richard said: “The economy matters more than anything and that is highlighted through the large number of firms from the South-East acting as signatories to our letter. Without a strong and vibrant economy you cannot have good schools, or a strong NHS. The Conservative-led Government has been committed to making sure that Britain is open for business.”

He continued: “Despite the creation of 103,900 more businesses in the South-East than in 2010, and the number of people claiming unemployment benefits falling by 70 per cent in Newbury since 2010, no one should take economic stability and economic security for granted. Rest assured, the Conservative Party never will.”


Notes to editors:

Text of the Conservative Party letter run in the Daily Telegraph reads as follows:

SIR – We run small businesses right across the country.

We work hard, make sacrifices and invest our own money to help our businesses grow and succeed.

It was tough during the recession, but we kept going.

This Conservative-led Government has been genuinely committed to making sure Britain is open for business.

They've managed to get the economy moving again by tackling the deficit, helping to keep interest rates low and inflation down.

We've been helped by their steps to lower taxes, reduce red tape, simplify employment law and get the banks lending.

The good news is that businesses like ours have helped to create 1,000 jobs a day since 2010.

We would like to see David Cameron and George Osborne given the chance to finish what they have started.

A change now would be far too risky and would undo all the good work of the last five years.


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Richard Benyon, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Newbury, has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement that a Conservative Government would take the family home out of Inheritance Tax.

Richard said: “Taking the family home out of Inheritance Tax is absolutely the right thing to do and is a policy which was blocked by the Liberal Democrats in Coalition. Why should those that have worked and saved, not be able to pass their family home on to their children?”

Under Conservative plans the maximum Inheritance Tax allowance for married couples will increase from £650,000 to £1 million. This will be funded by reducing the tax relief on pension contributions for people earning more than £150,000.

Richard added: “Today, the Inheritance Tax threshold stands at £325,000, placing a quarter of homes in Britain at risk. People pay tax on their earnings first time round, they then pay tax on the home when it is purchased, people shouldn’t be paying tax again.”

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Richard Benyon was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Newbury on 7 May 2015, with an increased majority of 26,368. Richard won 61 per cent of the vote share.



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