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To pretend that the new grouping of MPs is all down to Brexit in the Conservative Party, or anti-Semitism and the actions of Momentum activists in the Labour Party, is to miss the point. Those issues might be the catalyst that saw this happen but it is about deeper problems in our politics in the UK and in that of other established democracies.

For myself, I regret that three friends have decided to leave my Party. In my time in the Conservative Party we went from virtual irrelevancy to re-establishing ourselves as a Party people wanted to vote for. We addressed many issues such as housing, welfare reform, climate change, the NHS and raising standards in schools. These are the issues I want to hear the Party talking about.

Brexit has sucked the life out of politics in the UK. We have to respect the decision taken by the electorate in the biggest democratic vote in our history. But then I look forward to talking about the great and abiding issues of concern to my constituents – nearly all of them being more important than Brexit.