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GWR’s changes to rail timetables due to take place from December 15 will also result in some changes to fares. According to GWR, there will be stricter rules governing the timing of off peak trains resulting in some of the current off peak morning and evening services becoming subject to peak charges. Richard has raised the concerns of rail passengers with GWR and the response from Mark Hopwood, MD, can be seen here.

He commented: ‘I was pleased to be able to negotiate special off peak rates several years ago on some of our local services and it is disappointing that GWR has now decided to take this concession away. My understanding is that this is to bring services in the Kennet valley into line with their charging policy in other areas.

‘There will be other options including cheaper advance fares and I have pushed for a larger allocation of these discounted tickets to be available to customers in West Berkshire. Off peak tickets will still be valid on TfL Rail trains to Reading which stop more frequently but run four times an hour.

‘Overall it is still the case that the new timetable will provide more trains with more seats and shorter journeys. I will remain in close contact with GWR and will keep my website updated as and when I hear more.’