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Sir, We write as Conservative MPs who wish to see a rapid but orderly withdrawal of the UK from the EU. It is clear that this is likely to depend on the forging by the government and the opposition of a sensible parliamentary process. This is the only way to obtain cross-party majority support for negotiable changes to the political declaration, and hence a sustainable parliamentary majority in support of the withdrawal agreement.

It is also clear that a change of prime minister before that process has been completed would diminish, not enhance, the chances of success.

We can see that those who wish either to bring about a no-deal exit or to derail Brexit altogether may have reasons to destabilise the prime minister’s position during this critical period. But we urge all those Conservatives who share our desire for a rapid and orderly withdrawal from the EU to share also our hope that the PM will remain in place until that has been accomplished.

Oliver Letwin, MP; Nicky Morgan, MP; Nicholas Soames, MP; Caroline Spelman, MP; 
Richard Benyon, MP