We have all woken up to the news that Britain has joined the US and France in targeted attacks on Syrian locations linked to the Assad regime and their repeated use of chemical weapons.

The overall strategy here is right. There has been a time honoured rule that the use of chemical weapons is wrong and must not be tolerated. In Syria that rule has been repeatedly flouted. We can argue forever about tactics, about what will be the effect or consequences of such actions, but we need to hold two distinct thoughts in our minds.

Firstly, just as there are consequences for intervening, there are also consequences for not intervening. I believe that the failure of the UK Parliament to sanction a response to the use of chemical weapons in 2013 has cost lives. Evil people like Assad exploit what they perceive as weakness.

Secondly we need to hold in our heads the images of children coughing up their lungs because of what has been dropped on their street by this appalling regime.  That is the issue here.

I spoke to the Prime Minister on Friday and said she would have my support if action was taken by the international community to say that the use of chemical weapons crosses a line. We cannot stand by, wringing our hands and hiding behind doubts and obfuscations peddled by supporters of one of the most brutal regimes in modern times.