I regret the decision of some of my colleagues to trigger a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister at such a crucial moment for the country.

In a few days Parliament will vote on the Prime Minister’s deal. At that point we will know whether any significant changes have been achieved from her shuttle diplomacy around Europe and with the EU. Her deal has required an almost super-human effort and she deserves to put that to Parliament. If it is rejected we are in uncharted waters. I may be wrong but I suspect she will not want to pivot to an alternative plan and will leave it either to a caretaker Prime Minister to lead the Government towards Brexit whilst the Conservative Party seeks a new leader for the long term, or go ahead and find that leader straight away.

We can all speculate about the future but what I know is that today the Prime Minister will have my support to continue to land a deal which can be acceptable to most Members of Parliament and the majority of people in the country.