As the Conservative party leadership contest gets underway it’s important to remember some clear facts about our current political situation and why this leadership election really matters.

For the first time in any of our lives, the main opposition party is led by a Marxist clique who want to make fundamental changes to our politics and our constitution. They have announced measures such as nationalisation of key industries without compensating investors for the value of their investments. They would introduce punitive taxation of hard-earned income and capital and they would drive investment away from what has been one of the safest havens for inward investment anywhere in the world, at a time when we most need it. They would drive a wedge between the UK and its most important international ally, the United States.

It is therefore vital that that a leader is selected who can beat Labour and win a clear majority. Party members will have to decide whether they vote for the individual who most closely represents their own particular views on Brexit or on Conservative policy, or whether they look more objectively and choose someone who might be able to gain the support of the wider population. Perhaps we need to ask friends, work colleagues or members of our families who have not voted Conservative in recent elections, who would be more likely to win them over. We need to look at people in the street or collecting their children from school and ask ourselves not “who do I want?” but “who would they vote for?”.

Our Conservative values are belief in our country and our unionBritain being a strong force in the world, sound Defence and Securitysocial responsibilityenvironmental stewardshipbelief in the virtue of market economicssound moneyaspiration and community. These values are so relevant to the fast-changing society in which we live, and they have never been more under threat.